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B12 Injection

Infuse your body with pure vitamins, minerals and amino acid directly for full absorption and benefits.

Vitamin B12 injections are becoming more in demand as people become aware of the many benefits of Vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 Injections are the best way of rapidly boosting your levels, having an almost instant impact on your health and wellbeing 

Vitamin B12 is vital for the healthy functioning of our digestive and immune system. Stress, fatigue and 'brain fog' as well as reduced physical stamina are common side effects of vitamin B12 deficiency.

Woman with Hand on Face
Treatment Prices
B12 Injection (1 Injection)
6 week B12 Injection course 

Any Questions?

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The procedure at a glance

Procedure Time
30 Minutes
Recovery Time
1 month


Stinging, Redness, Tingling
None Required
Potential Risks
*Results may vary depending on the individual 
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