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Vitamin D Injection

Revitalise your body with a pure Vitamin D Injection to enhance the performance of your immune system, leaving a happier, healthier you.

It is more common to have a Vitamin D deficiency than you might think. Symptoms can include fatigue, tiredness, bone muscle and joint pain, low mood, low energy, frequent illness and anxiety.


There many benefits of taking Vitamin D, including but not limited to enhanced immune health, bone health, tissue health, colon health and dental health. People with more pigment in their skin and those over the age of 50, naturally need more Vitamin D due to their bodies not converting Vitamin D at the same rate as those that are younger.

Can you take too much Vitamin D?

Of course! At Laughter Lines we will always present you with the facts - it is of course possible to take too much Vitamin D. Our professionals will only ever prescribe what is safe and required. We recommend up to 1 or 2 injections a year to maintain a healthy balance.

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Treatment Prices
Vitamin D Injection

Any Questions?

Got a question? Like to speak to a member of our team before booking your appointment?


Our experts would be happy to speak with you to answer any questions you may have. 

The procedure at a glance

Procedure Time
15 minutes
7-14 days
Recovery Time


None Required
Potential Risks
*Results may vary depending on the individual 
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